User Group Code of Conduct

Community Guidelines

This Code-of-Conduct (CoC) is built on and extends the one found with Techlahoma found at

The Tulsa .NET User Group is committed to offering opportunities to everyone sincerely interested in learning more about programming and being a professional developer. This commitment comes with a responsibility of its members. In order for a space, either physical or virtual, to be open and available for everyone we expect each member to respect one another and adhere to these CoC rules.

Being a Good Community Member

We are all different and come from different backgrounds. This diversity helps communities grow. But, with our differences we MUST ALWAYS respect each other. You are allowed to disagree with anyone. However, how you handle a situation in which you disagree with someone, may violate the rules set here. In every situation, albeit in-person, in a physical/virtual meeting, or in any associated chat room, be mindful of your words and intent of those words.

Please begin by thinking carefully about and agreeing with the following statements:

  • I will be welcoming to everyone at the table, and patient with newcomers
  • I will treat everyone with respect, because they deserve it
  • I will be mindful of the needs and boundaries of others


There’s no one path to have a career in technology. Instead of shooting down other people’s ideas, try to engage them in ways that create opportunities for learning and fun.

Code of Conduct

We ask everyone who participates in our community upholds their ideals. By vowing to follow these guidelines, you will help create a welcoming and friendly community based on respect and trust.

We are committed to creating a harassment-free community. These rules will be strictly enforced in any and all of our official spaces, like our Discord server, Twitch chat and physical events, and everyone who participates in these spaces is required to agree to this community code. We have zero-tolerance for harassment, and anybody who engages in the following behaviors may be banned without warning. We also ask and expect community members to observe these rules anywhere the community is meeting (for example, online chats in unofficial platforms or event after-parties).


Don’t make offensive comments related to gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, mental illness, neuro(a)typicality, physical appearance, body size, race, immigration status, religion, or other identity markers.

Additionally, don’t insult or demean others. This includes making unwelcome comments about a person’s lifestyle choices and practices, including things related to diet, health, parenting, drugs, or employment. It’s not okay to insult or demean others if it’s “just a joke.”


Don’t engage in gatekeeping behaviors, like questioning the intelligence or knowledge of others as a way to prove their credentials. And don’t exclude people for prejudicial reasons.


Do not publish private communications without consent. Additionally, never “out” private aspects of a person’s personal identity without consent, except as necessary to protect them from intentional abuse.


Do not introduce gratuitous or off-topic sexual images, languages, or behavior in spaces where they are not appropriate. Never make physical contact or simulated physical contact without consent or after a request to stop. Additionally, do not continue to message others about anything if they ask you to stop or leave them alone.


Do not make threats of violence, intimidate others, incite violence or intimidation against others, incite self-harm, stalk, follow, or otherwise harass others.

Rules for online spaces

The rules stated below apply not only in our Discord server, but also in the chat form on any virtual meeting software (Zoom, WebEx, etc), user group website including our Meetup site.


Don’t spam. We’ll ban you.


If it’s illegal, it’s not allowed on our websites or in our online spaces. Please don’t share links to pirated material or other nefarious things.


Please be earnest. Don’t use excessive sarcasm to annoy or undermine other people. And don’t bait them with bad faith comments or abuse.


Please don’t post it or link to it. It doesn’t belong in our online spaces.


Please do not use excessive curse words. Additionally, do not use graphic sexual or violent language — again, think of our spaces as places for people of all ages.


If you are being harassed by a member of the Tulsa .NET User Group community, or if you observe someone else being harassed, please report the behaviour using our Code of Conduct Report Form.


This code of conduct is hugely inspired by BaldBeardedBuilder.

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