Jul 23

Latest Kubectl – Older Cluster

I’m currently working Azure Container Service “ACS” until Azure Kubernetes Service “AKS” is available in my production data center. Why? Because if I use an Azure service in a data center but have data in another data center then I have to pay data egress charges. Anytime data comes out then you have to pay for it. So for now I have my ACS v1.7.7 setup.

I just configured another laptop to connect to the cluster. I installed the AZ CLI then Kubectl CLI. After making sure things were authenticated to the cluster I tried a simple command.

kubectl get pods


to which I received the this error message:

No resources found. Error from server (NotAcceptable): unknown (get pods)


I ran the command on my other working system and things are fine. The cluster responded with the list of pods I expected to see. So, what’s the problem??

That’s when I remembered that Kubernetes 1.11 just became public. The Kubectl CLI I just installed is 1.11. Apparently, it has issues with a cluster from the 1.7.7 version. Which, by the way, is the latest version you can have in ACS!

*sigh* Ok, so thankfully I was able to downgrade the Kubectl CLI to a previous version.

sudo apt-get remove kubectl



sudo apt-get update -q && \
sudo apt-get install -qy kubectl=1.10.0-00


I then re-authenticated to the cluster.

az acs kubernetes get-credentials --resource-group {resource group name here} --name {name of azure container service here} --ssh-key-file {path to key file here}



kubectl get pods


returned the list of pods expected.

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